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Life Drawing for Beginners
by Roisin Meaney

We follow the lives of an art teacher and her 5 students and her one model for the six weeks of her life drawing class. Their lives interact in interesting ways...fascinating! M.

The Last Cuentista
by Donna Barba Higuera

I really loved this book. The plot the characters, the world building was amazing. I felt all the sadness and hope along with the characters. I think the ending was perfect in that it alluded to what would happen to Petra's new found family, but was still quite open. (aspects of it remind me of 'The Time Machine')

The Midnight Library
by Matt Haig

Wow. I really loved this book. An amazing message, given by amazing characters in an wonderful created world. I don't usually re-read books but will definitely have to read this in print format in the future.

Jurassic Park
by Michael Crichton

Better than I thought it would be. Better than the movie. The villain isn't exactly who you think, and I think the different portrayal in the book shows different strengths for the characters. Very intense and full of action.

Big Summer Jennifer Weiner

Disappointed with the ending, 3 stars.

Sex And Vanity
by Kevin Kwan

Enjoyable enough of a read, but I feel like all the relationships and conflicts in the book were only surface deep. IMO way to much brand name dropping, I get it that the author is trying to set the scene of these rich family, but most of it was not helpful and took up too much time.

Midnight Bargain
by C.l. Polk

I think this may be a YA book but regardless, I really enjoyed it. The magical 'world' was interesting, the characters delightful and I didn't want it to end. I will be reading more from this author! M.

The Murder Of Mr Wickham
by Claudia Gray

Brilliant from start to finish! I had my mind made up several times who the culprit was and still ended up surprised at the resolution. It was great to check in on several of the famous Austen couples two or twenty years past the end of their novels.

The Comfort Book
by Matt Haig

I really enjoyed the style of writing. I haven't read many self-help books yet, but this one was more written like a conversation with a friend, rather than a series of medical jargon. A bit repetitive at times, but overall really enjoyed.

The Salt Path
by Raynor Winn

After becoming homeless, this older couple walks most of the UK Southwest Coast Path, camping wild. it details their joy in the natural world, their trials and tribulations as one of them deals with a debilitating disease...a very human story describing their mistakes as well as their successes....You learn a lot about the topography, weather patterns and human and wildlife in this area. M.
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